Short Bio

Nikola Vukobrat is an entrepreneur as well as a researcher and developer in the vast fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Founder, CTO and CBO of company HilbertSpace as well as the founder of startup Nncord. His areas of interest are Entrepreneurship, Education, Consulting, Business and Product Development, R&D in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Biometrics and Security. He is currently in pursuit of a Data Science Master’s degree at University Singidunum. Also, he holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies, Serbia and University Sinergija, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has previously worked as a software engineer for various startups and corporations, Deep Learning researcher and developer for American and French startups, as well as a co-founder, manager and engineer for two startup companies. His future focus is on entrepreneurship, industry and science in domains of Business and Product Development, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. Also, in the near future, a pursuit for a doctoral degree in one or more mentioned areas.

Corporate Experience

Hilbert Space, Software Engineer, Team Lead.
  • Role of Software Engineer and Team Lead in the company that focuses on producing own product for the B2B market. This role includes planning new product futures and goals, defining product software architecture, development, team organization and working on product business plan strategy with consultants and domain experts.
  • At the moment, the company is focusing on a single internal product. That product represents a platform for tracking and controlling information regarding fire extinguishers and related machinery. This product provides companies which operate in the field of servicing and controlling mentioned devices to track related information, their controlling history, to plan next controls, visualize data on the maps, edit and update device and company information, as well as generating a vast number of reports needed in order to do business. Also, this project won an award for 6th place for the best innovation in Serbia among 130 other companies and teams.
Saifer, Deep Learning Software Engineer.
JUL 2018 – JUN 2019
  • Fully remote position as artificial intelligence engineer (focus on deep learning, computer vision and machine learning). Performed within two teams. One which was focused on model training and evaluation, and another which was focused on development and optimization for production. Main technologies included Python, Go lang, TensorFlow, OpenCV, AWS (EC2, S3, SAM), Serverless and OpenVINO.
  • Main responsibilities included choosing, training, evaluating, analyzing and implementing different AI architectures for a specific problem. Major time was focused on developing a complete production pipeline which applies to any given problem with just changing the dataset and configuration variables (to address different architectures). Projects were oriented on object detection and segmentation, human pose estimation, motion and action recognition.
Endava, Application Management Engineer.
OCT 2017 – JUL 2018
  • Position at Cisco as a software engineer. Performed within the team that developed software which enables two-way communication between Cisco and IBM technologies (Jabber, Notes). Main technologies include Java, with the addition of C++ in some parts of the project.
  • Organization was based on the Scrum methodology (Jira as main task tracker). Besides software engineering, other tasks included Windows, Cisco and IBM server configuration as well as an administration (supporting development environment).
  • Besides the main Cisco project, was a member of Endava Data Science practice. Had an opportunity to work on demo AI solutions with the focus on computer vision and classical machine learning. Also, assisted in writing a blog for Data Science Conference 3.0 on the theme “Chatbots -the future of customer experience”.
Protonova, Full-stack developer.
JUL 2016 – APR 2017
  • Position as a full-stack developer. Performed within web development and dev-ops team on developing different kinds of web applications, web games and bash scripting. Main technologies include HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and Linux.
  • Web development projects included different kinds of web applications, presentations (web sites) and games (for facebook). From the dev-ops side, one of the task group included Linux web server administration and configuration. Another one included various kind of bash scripting. For example, scripts that parse SMS messages that the server receives and send a response using GSM gateways. The dev-ops side also included networking and system security.

Entrepreneur Experience

Nncord, Co-Founder, AI Software Engineer.
  • Co-founder of the start-up company with the role of Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer and Project Manager. Key skills involve creating a product business plan (full product, competition, customer, resources, finances, expenses, … analysis), development (Python, TensorFlow, OpenCV, SQL, PHP, Ajax, Java, etc.) as well as project and team organization.
  • Besides, involved as lecturer and speaker in domains of Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship.
HackBelgrade, Co-Founder.
  • A unique event that connects 160 young talents from Serbia and the rest of the world. We have the vision to build a community-driven by learning, sharing, and innovation. This project is organized by an experienced team from Belgrade in cooperation with Heapspace which brings experience from 15 years of developing local and regional tech scene – Heapspace organized Heapcon, the tech conference for software engineers.
Data Driven Investor, Contributing Writer
RedForestLab, Co-Founder.
JUN 2018 – JUN 2019
  • Co-founder of the start-up company with the role of project manager and software engineer. Related projects and services were in the field of web sites, E-Commerce, mobile applications, mobile games and marketing services using our internal marketing platform specialized for Instagram. Key skills involved communication and organization skills as well as software engineering skills (PHP, Python, SQL, Ajax, JS, MeteorJS, Docker, Cloud, Android, Linux, GitLab).
  • Although the company had a couple of outsourcing projects, a major focus was on internal projects. The most successful project was our Instagram marketing platform that was able to gather 1k organic followers (not fake profiles) per month that are interested in the product or service that our customer offers. Besides, other company projects were mobile games and applications. One example of a mobile application was an image AI filter. It applied style transfer techniques in order to rewrite the input image in the chosen artist way.
WebDecode, Co-Founder.
AUG 2015 – JUN 2018
  • Co-founder of the start-up company with the role of project manager and software engineer. Worked on different types of web and mobile applications, as well as embedded “Smart Mirror” project. Roles included discussions with the outsource project clients, team project organization, project technology stack and infrastructure definition, and project development. Key values involved communication and organization skills, as well as software development and architecture practices (PHP, SQL, Ajax, JS, Android, RPi, Linux, Nginx, Apache, GitLab).
  • Most of the outsourcing projects involved web-site development for small to medium businesses. On the other hand, internal projects mostly involved web, mobile and embedded technology stack. One of the web/mobile projects was a financial tracking application where the user could track their expenses with a mobile application while reviewing outgoing financial statistics in the web application. The embedded project was “Smart Mirror”. This was a custom created mirror where the user could see current time and weather, latest news and calendar in the corners of the mirror.

Other Activities

Youth Council of the US Embassy in Belgrade, Member.
  • Supported by the US embassy of Belgrade, helping youth to realize their projects and ideas.
Competition for the Best Technological Innovation of Serbia, Participant.
APR 2019 – DEC 2019
  • Participated in the “Best Technological Innovation” (Najbolja tehnološka inovacija, NTI) as one of the competitors. We won 6th place among 150 teams and their innovations.
  • The project is organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, in cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.
  • The aim of the competition is to promote the entrepreneurial climate in Serbia and assistance to potential and existing high-tech entrepreneurs who are willing and able to turn their ideas and innovations to market sustainable business.
Conference Digital Competencies and Market Needs in 2020, Speeker.
15. – 18. DEC 2019.
  • First speech about artificial intelligence and second about future jobs and entrepreneurship.
FON-ov centar za razvoj karijere, Lecturer.
7. – 8. DEC 2019.
  • During the period 2 days, I had an opportunity to teach students about Artificial Intelligence. More specifically, about Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Generative Adversarial Networks. Lessons covered both the theoretical and the practical parts of the mentioned domains.
  • The project of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences started in 2004. Its mission is to provide opportunities for the development, implementation, and refinement of the creative, entrepreneurial and scientific potential of students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and other faculties at the University of Belgrade.
Startit, Panelist.
2. DEC 2019.
  • An opportunity to talk about my experiences as an entrepreneur during my undergraduate period to the students and others interested in starting their own company.
  • Startit is a grass-root non-profit organization established in 2010, with the mission to provide meaningful, deep support to Serbian technology and startup scene in order to foster higher employment and economic growth.
Google Launchpad, Participant.
28. OCT – 1. NOV 2019.
  • Google Launchpad Serbia Accelerator co-organized by Google and Startit Center in Belgrade. During the 5 day program, we had the opportunity to discuss with over 30 mentors about our project in the domain of Market & Product Validation, UX & Design, Marketing and Business Grow.
  • As Google describes: Launchpad regional accelerators are tailored specifically to their local markets, and provide access to the best of Google – its people, network, and advanced technologies – helping startups build great products. In addition to our accelerators, Launchpad regional initiatives include exclusive events, mentorship opportunities, and trainings. Keep an eye out for opportunities to participate in over 40 countries around the world.
Board the Entrepreneurshiop, Honored Guest and Mentor.
18. – 21. OCT 2019.
  • During the period of 4 days, I was one of the seminars honored guest and mentor on helping teams to represent their ideas in a form of business model canvas as well as to write their short business model.
  • Board the Entrepreneurship is a four-day entrepreneurship seminar aimed at providing young people from Serbia with the practical knowledge they need to start their own businesses.
I Came to Play, Lecturer.
9. – 12. JUL 2019
  • My role was to educate participants about what the future brings with new technologies getting involved in every part of our life. How artificial intelligence influence their lives today, and how it can (or will) influence in the future.
  • Camp is founded in 2008, the “Play” charity uses the sport as a universal tool to foster social development and positive change, promote socially responsible behavior and fair play. Through sports and education, our programs inspire and unite young people. By building quality relationships and developing youth organizational capacity, we help them bridge differences in their communities and contribute to promoting a healthy and constructive lifestyle so that they can build a better society in the future.